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 Literacy, environmental science, puppets, seniors, & fun!


Welcome to Environmental Conclusions, a teacher friendly site designed to showcase my personal efforts and developmental progress over 30 years of teaching high school science in the Milwaukee Public School system.  Having spent the last five years of my career mentoring 75 first year instructors; I've come to realize that much of what I would soon delete could be of value to educators at large.  That in a nutshell is my intent - let's see what germinates!


I've taught many high school courses including traditional content (mainly Biology, Physical Science and/or Environmental Science) and specialty courses such as Animal Husbandry, Genetics, as well as Plant and Animal Structure.  

All classes engaged students  in an urban classroom setting yet I've tried to get my students out in the field as much as possible.  Classes and in-services I've participated in have involved Modeling in the Physical Sciences, CoVis, Coalition of Essential Schools, Project Lead the Way, STS, State Agri-tours, Project Globe, Project FIRST, KEEP, Pre-IB, WASDI, Testing the Waters, SMART Teams, Advanced Placement, IB training, SEWAC, Great Lakes Earth Partnership Institute, New Teacher Center, NRAO, and other programs.  The hats I've worn as an educator have been those of a Classroom Teacher, Business Partnership Coordinator, Grant Writer, Lead Teacher, Literacy Coach, District Facilitator, Science Department Chairperson and District Wide City Mentor.

I hold currently or have held membership in WSST, WEST, NSTA, UEC, WAEE, and  ESA, during some if not all of my teaching career.   My students have presented at WEST, WSST, UW-Stevens Point, the Medical College of Wisconsin, MSOE, and ESA with myself or as an independent student team.  Students have also participated in poster board presentations at the National Experimental Biologists Conference in San Diego California and an NPR talk show.

There is a chance that you may currently be stepping into one of these courses, training situations, or wearing a new title.  My past experiences might help ease the transition.  I hope  you will draw your own Environmental Conclusions as you develop your individual practice.  Questions!  Just ask. jeffanderson53211@gmail.com


For education to advance, we cannot continue to start at the same point each September; rather we must adapt what seems appropriate from those who served before us as we establish our own best practices.  Past teachers have left footprints.  Those who are here now should read and interpret those signs.   Teachers today will create the place reserved as their future.

Final Thought: When science teachers retire, suddenly bees are enough!


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