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I am the first person to say that I'm not an English instructor.  My good fortune has paired me with Peter Flagg at North Division HS in a freshmen team teaching situation.This allowed me to see the nuts and bolts of teaching English although at a distance.  Later in my career I again found myself in a freshman team arrangement, this time at Riverside University High School and paired with the English Dept Chairperson Phil Blenski.  Again, my eyes were open and I learned what I could. 

During this time I took on the role of Literacy Coach for one semester during my prep.  This was done solely to keep the position open and not because I felt I had any talent in this area.  I did author a successful Comprehensive School Reform grant that brought the National Writing Project into the school for three years training teachers of all content areas to be content teachers who are writers.  During this period my interest in poetry began and continues. 

Finally, in my first year of mentoring and his first year of teaching I was paired with Joe Duelman at Ronald Reagan IB School.  Seeing the energy and love of the subject matter that he possessed inspired me while my past interactions with content teachers allowed me to offer support when appropriate.  With this latter thought in mind... I am still not an English Instructor but the links and documents below are sources I would draw upon if I ever became one.  Enjoy and email me if you have resources that should be included.

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