Initial educators within MPS are coming from:

  • Teach for America
  • Milwaukee Teaching Fellows
  • University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee
  • Other teaching programs
  • Choosing education as a second career


  • rural backgrounds
  • urban backgrounds
  • foreign backgrounds

and at a point in their lives where:

  • they are single or married
  • have no children, are pregnant, or have started a family
  • have degrees in their content area or not
  • are working on a masters or not
  • live in the city or not
  • have thousands of dollars in student loans or not

and may or may not have:

  • been excessed
  • been transferred
  • received a new student this week
  • been interrupted by more than 5 announcement or phone calls this hour
  • told students to remove hats, ear buds, put away cell phones, stop eating
  • thanked the powers above for the responsibility bestowed upon them to teach the next generation of Milwaukee using their best practices - refined daily.

in the past or present.

This leads me to say that initial educators with MPS must be flexible.

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Final Thought: When science teachers retire, suddenly bees are enough!

Last review 1.17.17

Strengths of Initial Educators:

  • strong in content generally
  • want to do their best for the students
  • engage in productive discussions of their practice
  • have a technology strength

Weaknesses of Initial Educators:

  • they work with children of poverty
  • in a system with dwindling resources
  • at a time when society is more interested in blame.

Instructional Groupings:

•Learning centers
•Interest centers
•Project menu groups
•Pull out lesson groups
•Mixed ability groups
•Learning profile groups
•Varied literature circle groups
•Varied group investigation projects
•Study buddy groups
•Socratic seminar groups
•Varied field trip groups
•Varied guest speaker groups
•Random groupings
•Teacher choice groupings
•Student choice groupings
•Extended study groups
•Whole group instruction

Tiered Instruction:

•Prior knowledge or skill level •
The number of steps or parts in the activity or assignment
•Learning profiles (including stages of language development and special needs)
•Learning styles, modalities, and / or multiple intelligences
Varied Texts
•Different resources, labs, topics
•Different geographical topics
•Time periods or historical eras
•The concept;s level of abstraction vs. concreteness
•Degree opf independence
•Time frame (slower vs. faster; longer vs. shorter)


Planning Ahead for the next school year; the question was asked, " What would you anticipate working on or strengthening in your teaching practice for next year?"

  • Knowledge of what other subjects are teaching - then incorporate these ideas into my lessons next year.
  • Organize paper better
  • Print grades every week
  • Have exit slips every day
  • Differentiate for lower level students
  • More projects
  • Build in options - text use vs projects, etc...
  • Call parents!!!
  • Less handouts
  • Better way to keep track of calculators
  • Substitute folders ready at all times
  • Plan in advance
  • Grade regularly
  • More writing
  • Show video clips aligned to current topic
  • More homework, plan it in advance and have a key done before assigning the work.
  • Concrete grading policy day 1 - standards based?  Communicate this better with the students.
  • More "stuff" on the walls.
  • More, new, consequences before the referral - lunch detention
  • Set after school tutoring times
  • Print point values on tests / quizzes
  • Fewer problems / more rigorous in content.  CABS - classroom assessment based on standards like the CABS.
  • The book is too.... it gives two examples and then a high level story problem with several steps not yet taught.

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