In the past four years I've worked with the following MPS Math Initial Educators:  Chris Gruntzel - Alliance, Meghan Froh - Audubon, Dan Monfre - Reagan, Jonathon Kaufman - Vincent, Andrew Simmons - Reagan, Don Cramer - Vincent, Emily Vance Cruz - Northwest Secondary, Douea Ibraheem - WCLL, Kyle Piontek - WCLL, Joan Masek -  Vincent, Jon Peacock - Reagan, Justin Engum - Bay View, Kathleen Wakefield - Bay View, Joshua Jochum - Bay View, Michael Moore - Reagan, Paul Hoehnen - Northwest Secondary.

Over that period of time I've accumulated the resources below.  They were of value or discussion points at one time.  They might be of interest to you in your classroom.  Please contact me with your relevant links or suggested additions for this page.

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 Links are verified as of 1/17/17 - jeff

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