MENTORING (revised 1/17/17)

Mentoring a first year teacher is a great deal like the ' Why did the chicken cross the road '  joke.
  • Will the chicken or any little chicks get hurt in the process?
  • What is the background of the chicken?
  • Is the chicken ready to cross the road?
  • What does the chicken expect to find on the other side?
  • What resources exist to assist the chicken in crossing this road?
  • Is this a good time to cross the road?
  • Is this a licensed chicken or a chicken on a special diet?
  • What is the realistic life expectancy of a chicken anyway?

Often what we end up doing is just making sure the new teacher is shown the pedestrian crossing and how the lights work.  In the process we invent a great many tools to help both us as a mentor and the initial educator.  Below you will find a few of my tools.  Enjoy

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PDP (Professional Development Plan) DPI web site resources can be located at the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction Web site Teacher Education, Professional Development and Licensing.

At this site one can locate current information related to:

  • Educator License Lookup
  • Initial Educator's Page
  • Initial Educator's Toolkit
  • PDP Writing Forms
  • DPI Trained Educators for PDP Teams (list updated as needed).
teacher_standards.pdf teacher_standards.pdf
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pdpinitialeducatortoolkit.pdf pdpinitialeducatortoolkit.pdf
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Case Study 2012.pptx Case Study 2012.pptx
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Growing Power 3.14.2012.pptx Growing Power 3.14.2012.pptx
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TeachTurn.pdf TeachTurn.pdf
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MCM01.pdf MCM01.pdf
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Mentoring Issue Brief.pdf Mentoring Issue Brief.pdf
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They have to see the forest and the trees.                                                                            So fragile with so much promise

Final Thought: When science teachers retire, suddenly bees are enough!

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