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With the images below I have tried to give you a sense of what I value as a good lesson in the classroom.  Often I needed to tell the students things but this was most successful when they were actively engaged in building a model of the topic.  The students were so so so much more receptive when they asked the questions.  Often they would solve the problem themselves. Email me with any questions or need for clarification.  jeffanderson53211@gmail.com

Assessment of these activities is a matter of realizing that there are many ways for students to demonstrate proficiency and understanding.  Ask them about what they have accomplished and learned.  Drop the multiple choice and let them write or talk.  Then misconceptions can be cleared up and meaningful learning take place.

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Coat hangers, tubers (above), purchased kits - what is important here is that the entire story will not be told until the students have impact into the method of the telling.  Tubers in Science Education

Place them in situations where they are in awe of the world.

 Test the advertised claims of household products and watch students do the wash willingly!

A fertilized egg, a pecked window, cellophane to cover the opening, and a means to incubate give the students a view on the first days of life.

Many students are artistic in some way.  Use this to make field guides, wall decorations, web pages, etc.

I quiz students as they enter the room by having them place models in an order and explain why they chose the order they did.  Some days I take a stage away and they must explain what is missing.

The diversity of students today (as in the past) is an asset.  Allow students to mentor each other.

Scaffold more complex ideas on previously presented concepts. 

Check for understanding and misconceptions. 

Let the students explain and enhance their vocabulary as appropriate.

For assessments make then write, draw, graph, (sing, dance) or some other way demonstrate mastery then or after reteaching.

Let students show their strengths even if it means taking a back seat at times.  Peer teaching and modeling is very powerful.

Fun on a SMARTboard at Xmas


When no one is looking - be a kid again.  The adults and students will be drawn into the genuine fun of learning. 

The puppets at left are an excellent way to demonstrate concept mastery, infuse English and literacy skills, and to just have fun.

As I have time I may come across additional examples of teaching idrawn from Milwaukee Public School \urban classrooms.  Please email me with any questions or ideas that you have come up with.  I will include your name and ideas on any attached page.  jeffanderson53211@gmail.com

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